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One-Word Substitution

Lacking normal growth –

a) atrophied

b) emaciated

c) subnormal

d) subhuman

answer: a) atrophied.

A small room at the top of a house –

a) hall

b) garret

c) hut

d) auditorium

Ans: b) garret.

That which is decorous or in a good test

a) tasty

b) finery

c) mannerism

d) property.

Answer: a) tasty.

someone disreputably renowned –

a) ill-reputed

b) notorious

c) hated

d) obscure

Answer: b) notorious.

A stamp collector –

a. a philatelist

b. stamper

c) postman

d) vendor.

Answer: a) a philatelist.

One who is newly wedded –

a) husband

b) neogamist

c) wife

d) bride

Answer: b) neogamist.

One who speaks of others –

a) mouthpiece

b) spokesman

c) speaker

d) authority

Answer: b) spokesman.

Pertaining to North –

a) boreal

b) northern

c) boorish

d) pole.

Answer: b) northern.

A pretended remedy for all diseases –

a) anecdote

b) panacea

c) nectar

d) curative

Answer: b) panacea.

WB Primary TET Model Questions

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