HS English Unseen Practice || Set 2 || WBCHSE || Class 12 Unseen for HS Exam.

HS English Unseen Practice || WBCHSE || Class 12 Unseen for HS Exam. Regularly practice unseen comprehension and do an excellent result in your final examination.

HS Unseen Comprehension

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Amongst the important achievements of Rammohan in the cause of native education in this country should be reckoned his contribution to the development of the vernacular language and literature. He was fully aware of what part the vernacular was to play in the success of the scheme for the general diffusion of knowledge. It has been asserted, not without reason, that he was the Father of modern Bengali prose. The Bengali poetry was quite undeveloped until the time that Rammohan wielded his pen for its cause. The Bengali prose whose use was confined chiefly to the drawing of legal deeds and epistolary communications, lacked much of its literary character and value, and had in it moreover the predominancy of Arabic and Persian words or vocabulary. Rammohan’s distinct contribution lay not only in making it more and more sanskritized, but living as well. The surge of Life and vigour in his mother-tongue as well. The suavity of style and chastity ol diction that he brought to bear on it marked Rammohan out and his writings may be said to have been the model of literary composition of the day. Even his polemical writings being devoid of the common vulgarity but containing decent wit and humour became not only enjoyable but formed a model in that field as well.

It is true that the Serampore missionaries and the pandits of the Fort William College in Calcutta made laudable efforts towards the improvement of the Bengali prose and creating a literature, but Rammohan’s effort in the direction came to surpass them.

1. Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False against the following statements:

(a) Rammohan did nothing to improve Bengali language.

(b) Bengali Poetry was flourishing in Rammohan’s time.

(c) The Serampore Missionaries made laudable effort to develop Bengali

(d) Rammohan was the pioneer of modern Bengali prose writing.

2. Answer the following questions in about 30 words:

(i) What was the condition of Bengali Poetry in Rammohan’s time?

(ii) Where is the Fort William College?

(iii) How was the style and diction of Rammohan’s Prose?


1. (a) F (b) F (c) T (d) T.

2. (i) Bengali Poetry was quite under developed in Rammohan’s time.

(ii) The Fort William College is in Kolkata.

(iii) The style was suave and the diction was chaste.

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