Collective Noun Examples for All Competitive Exams. English Grammar.

Collective Noun Examples for All Competitive Exams.

A band of musicians

A bench of magistrates

A board of directors

A cluster of fruit

A choir of singers

A battalion of soldiers

A council of advisors

A drove of cattle

A flock of birds

A gang of workers

A band of workers

A herd of cattle

A herd of elephants

A horde of savages

A kennel of dogs

A litter of pigs

A nest of ants

A swarm of ants

A regiment of soldiers

A school of thinkers

A string of camels

A team of players

A barrage of artillery

A parliament of members

A committee of members

A congress of representatives

A garland of flowers

A bouquet of flowers

A bunch of flowers

A galaxy of stars

A collection of stamps

A course of lectures

A fleet of ships

A batch of students

A class of students

A bevy of ladies

A brood of chickens

A caravan of travellers

A cloud of locusts

A congregation of worshippers

A crowd of people

A family of members

A gang of dacoits

A gathering of people

A group of people

A herd of cows

A hive of bees

A host of men

A legion of devils

A mob of rowdies

A pack of wolves

A retinue of followers

A train of followers

A chain of islands

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